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MyPhoto: Easy Online Photo Submission

MyPhoto5 is the leading solution for online photo submission. We make web photo upload easy. Students take their photo a computer or mobile device, have the option of editing their photo, and upload it to your card system. MyPhoto5’s artificial intelligence and facial recognition software can automatically approve or deny reject photos. Staff can bulk approve or bulk deny with a simple click. MyPhoto5 is a subsidiary of Mango Bay, located in Cleveland, Ohio. Mango Bay was founded in 1997 and is celebrating over 25 years of providing web design, digital marketing, and managed IT services.

The Challenge

In 2010, Emory University asked Mango Bay to develop a seamless way to streamline the online photo submission process by optimizing a solution for students and staff to upload their photos to the university's card database. Emory wanted the process to be as simple as posting a photo to social media. Before MyPhoto, students clicked on a browse button and were prompted to select a photo from their computer. What a mess!

Administrative staff spent weeks rotating, cropping, editing, approving, and rejecting photos while communicating with students on the quality and status of their submitted photo. Students submitted photos with sunglasses on, hats and other people in the picture. The process was slow, inefficient, and frustrating. Meanwhile, students who didn’t upload their photo stood in line at the university card office to get their picture taken.

Wasn’t technology supposed to make things easier? Campus card offices still had long lines of students waiting to process their photos the old way, and staff had way too much to do.

The Solution

The team at Mango Bay sat down and studied the problem. Through a period of R&D, we tested and implemented a solution that not only solved Emory’s needs, it allowed campus card staff more time to focus on other priorities. Students were happy. They had a way to submit photos directly from their phones.

MyPhoto is Born

In 2014, we launched MyPhoto as a subsidiary of Mango Bay with a software app of the same name. Today, MyPhoto is used by millions of students at some of the top universities in the United States and Canada.

Word of our success got out. Other universities and card system manufacturers wanted to know how we did it. It was obvious how groundbreaking our new photo upload tool really was.

In 2021, we launched MyPhoto5, an upgrade to our proprietary software that includes an easy-to-use content management system, automatic background removal, and A.I. facial verification.

Backed by a company that has been in business for over 25 years, MyPhoto5 offers 24/7 support and can integrate with any card system. MyPhoto5 can be installed on-premise or hosted in our cloud data center. It is continually improved and updated so our customers have the latest technology and features available.

How MyPhoto Works

Students and staff take their photo. Through A.I. facial recognition, our software automatically crops and rotates the photo. It also informs students and staff if a photo is likely to be accepted and automatically rejects problematic photos. Our automatic background wipe feature can erase any background. The whole process can be completed in under two minutes. Card office staff can bulk approve or bulk deny photos with a simple click.

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