MyPhoto5: The Next Generation In Online Photo Submission

Photo Submission

MyPhoto is a web-based photo upload application that saves you time and money

MyPhoto 5 student holding up the myphoto 5 app on a mobile phone

Save Time & Money

  • AI Photo ID Verification
  • Realtime Feedback
  • Auto Background Wipe
  • Affordable Custom App Design
  • Approve Thousands of Photos in Just a Few Clicks
  • Higher First-time Approval Rates
  • Works With Any Card System
  • Future Proof
  • Less Work, More Play
  • Own License After 3 Years

Our New Dashboard Rocks

Fresh New Look
Brand New Technology
Same Great Company

Verify ID's Using A.I.

E-Signature & Auto Background Wipe

New Features For MyPhoto5

  • CMS with Custom Fields
  • Toggle Custom Features
  • Custom Report Generator
  • Auto Crop
  • Auto Rotate
  • Auto Disapprove
  • Automatic Photo Review
  • Realtime Support Chatbot
  • Hi-Res Approved Photos Option
  • Site Health with Event Viewer
  • Maintenance Mode Option

Expanded Admin Control

  • Flexible CMS - Edit Colors, Text, Labels, & Logo
  • Site Health with Event Viewer
  • Custom Report Generator
  • Granular Data Tracking

Ready to eliminate lines and save big?